The power of knowledge equals the goodness of heart and strength of spirit – these are the conditions for the formation and development of Kazakh intelligentsia

Dear readers!

Parents choose the best for their child: the best education, the best school, the best teachers: creative, wise and kind. The story of “Zerde” began with the search for a school for our first son. The choice fell on one of the private schools of Almaty with a strong teaching staff. Unfortunately the school where our son studied soon closed. What to do? After consulting, we decided to create a school. “ZERDE” is the fruit of a father’s care and a mother’s affection. This school-gymnasium today has gained recognition in the educational space of our city.

The online distance learning process has shown how valuable our school is to parents and students. For example, despite numerous offers on the market, our students who are in other regions of the country, abroad, continue to study at the school “Zerde”. Within the walls of the school there are strong teachers dedicated to their profession. This is an invaluable resource that is hard to find today.

Our older teachers teach the secrets of fundamental education to young professionals and help a new stream of strong educators in our school. Education is evolving to meet today’s demands. One part of the ZERDE Education Center is SHON. Our center’s research laboratory is working to develop advanced techniques to help our students better master the curriculum.

Projects to train competitive teachers are implemented jointly with leading Kazakhstani and foreign scientific institutes and universities. I wish you to find an environment that will foster in your child a happy, confident personality, with a strong character and unbending willpower! And if the choice is up to us …

Gauhar Nurova


Tashkenbayeva Nazgul

Director of the school

Dear readers!

Teachers, based on the values and mission of the school, aim to develop a well-rounded, modern, competitive individual through the improvement of especially capable talents of students, as well as quality education.

“A person should be distinguished from others by intelligence, knowledge, will,
conscience, good morals,” said the great Abay. We are confident that our students will be among the Kazakh intelligentsia that respects traditions and history, glorifies nationality and native language, believes in their future and themselves and has a high moral value!

On pages of our site you can learn about a school life, victories and pleasures, achievements and successes, about our weekdays and holidays.

We wish the school-gymnasium “ZERDE” success and prosperity!

Основатель, директор по развитию


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