The medical office at the school consists of 2 rooms: 1. reception; 2. vaccination;

The reception room is equipped with all medical facilities and SanPiN. There is light, bathroom, ventilation, medical cabinet, manipulation table, couch, quartz lamp, medicines.

Medical staff at the school;

Doctor of the school Ainabekova G. T. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/r2Mp/vf4k.UbEy5

Medical nurse of the school Uzembayeva A. X https://cloud.mail.ru/public/G81z/HDRA4.iPir

The main areas of work of the medical staff of the school:

Monitoring the health status of schoolchildren;

Control of the daily routine and nutrition;

Checking the taste, quality of daily cooked food and its registration in the brokerage magazine;

Monitoring compliance with sanitary and hygienic and disinfection regime in the dining room;

Conducting a professional examination among students should be supervised by a pediatrician by age, children aged 10-12 years, by a surgeon, neuropathologist, oculist, endocrinologist, specialists;

Organization and implementation of anti-epidemic and therapeutic and preventive measures;

Vaccination according to the National Vaccination Calendar;

Anthropometric weight, height measurement;

When students receive any complaints or injuries for health reasons, a medical professional conducts his daily appointment. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/oJTe/q8s3d.4rMV

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