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Академический календарь поможет Вам правильно планировать отпуск и путешествие


There is a special pickup service for children at the school, based on the principle of
door to door


Children’s safety is a top priority at our school, so only parents and students who go through security are allowed to enter the school.


Each week’s menu is prepared by a nutritionist, taking into account the daily needs of an actively growing body, because we understand that a balanced and healthy diet is the key to the future success of our students.

Меnu for one week


Student Time
Based on the interests of the students and the needs and requirements of the parents, an agenda, educational process, food and service system has been created.
In accordance with this, we conduct an analysis of the educational process and the quality of services with constant frequency.
All results are reviewed by the school leadership, consulted with methodological, associations and incorporated into our work.


A child’s successful future begins in elementary school.
From the moment a child enters elementary school, along with cognitive development, he or she is introduced to the curriculum.
For elementary school ZERDE School-Gymnasium provides additional English classes in Math, Science, Cambridge system. Classes in choreography, dombra, chess, and robotics allow students to discover their talents and identify their interests in the future.

Working program with parents  https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2duu/76XSmGvZH


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