Creating conditions for the formation of a Kazakh intellectual personality,
the power of knowledge is equal to the power of the heart, high spirit, wide field

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The teaching staff of ZERDE school



Dear reader!

Parents choose the best and sweetest for their liver. When it comes to education, they look for a well-educated, kind teacher. The history of Zerde also began with the schooling of our first son. We chose one of the private schools in Almaty with a strong teaching staff. Unfortunately, the school was soon closed. We almost lost the teachers we had been looking for for a long time. After much deliberation, we decided to start a school. Zerde is the fruit of father's care and mother's kindness. Today, Zerde school-gymnasium has established itself in the educational space of our city.The process of distance online learning has shown how valuable our school is for parents and students. For example, despite many offers in the market, our students living abroad in other regions of the country continue to study at Zerde School. The school has dedicated professionals and strong teachers. It has become an invaluable resource today. Our experienced senior teachers teach young professionals the secrets of basic education and prepare a new generation of strong teachers in our school. Our family of knowledge is advancing and developing in accordance with modern requirements. Zerde is a part of SHON educational center. The research laboratory of our center is working on the development of advanced methods and techniques that will help our students to better master the curriculum. In cooperation with leading Kazakh and foreign research institutes and universities, projects have been launched to train competitive teachers. I wish you to find an environment that will bring up your child as an educated, honest and courageous person, a happy person with a spirit in his chest! And if we are your choice ...



Sadueva Kulzhan Nigmetovna

Realizing the mission of the school, our teachers have got the aim to provide not only high-quality, results-oriented education, but also to conduct organized and systematic work on the path to the formation of a modern competitive intellectual personality.

“Wise is not the one who knows a lot, but the one whose knowledge is useful,” says a popular proverb.

And our goal is to educate young Kazakh intelligent people with high morale, who believes in their capabilities, in their future and the future of their country. We believe that our students will become worthy citizens who glorify their people and their native language.

On the pages of our site you can learn about the life of the school, about victories and joys, about successes and achievements, about our everyday life and holidays.

Good luck and prosperity to the school ”Zerde”!

With best wishes, the director of the school “Zerde”
Saduyeva Kulzhan Nygmetkyzy

Әбдірова Айгүл Едігеқызы

Дүниежүзі мәдениеті пәні мұғалімі

Әбдікаримова Индира Эркінқызы

Teacher of physical education, basketball