Zerde school gymnasium is a family of education with a rich history and unique traditions. On this page you can get acquainted with the traditional holiday events that take place in our intelligent family.

1st September - Knowledge Day

The holiday, which is unique in every educational institution of the country, is of great importance in our school. As in other secondary schools, we welcome first-graders when the first bell rings and they cross the threshold of school. However, because of the importance of the child's step into adulthood, it is customary to greet our students with the participation of a well-known celebrity.

Independence Day

The most important and significant festive events in our school are dedicated to the Independence Day. This is not just a holiday - a great value that determines the future of our country. The school staff and students will put on a big performance dedicated to the Independence Day. The event, which is usually held in the largest concert halls of the city, is attended not only by school staff, students and parents, but also celebrities who are actively involved in the life of our city. In addition, exhibitions on the theme of independence will be organized at the school. With the help of brush skills, confident steps are taken to instill in children a sense of love and patriotism for their country.

Health Day

Adaptation of students to sports, improving their health, increasing their interest. Development of moral, strength, willpower and psychological processes and human qualities of students. Ethical and aesthetic education to engage in physical activity independently

New Year

New Year is one of the most anticipated holidays for students. Because on the eve of the holiday in our school begins a journey into the world of fairy tales. In our shanyrak will be a competition for the performance of songs from world-famous Disney animated works in the Kazakh language. This tradition has a lot to pass on to the younger generation. Respect for the Kazakh language is growing and the demand for art is growing. Students take an active part in the annual song contest. Realizing that it is a great job to speak the characters of famous cartoons in Kazakh, the school administration would like to thank every citizen who works to Kazakhize the works. To develop students' worldview, increase their interest in poetry. Formation of speech culture.

Happy March!

March is a time when not only nature, but also humanity is rejuvenated. The great day of the nation is one of the largest holidays in our school. An integral part of our tradition - on the eve of Nauryz, our school will hold several events. Traditional events will be held on such topical issues as "Genealogy Day", "Zhailau Day", "Miss Spring", "Robotics" competitions in the national style.

Last call

Every year on May 25 our school holds a big festive dance party. The event, which will be held in the format of a Venn Ball, will be attended by students, school staff and parents. The evening traditionally begins with a polka dance by primary school students. Parents join their children in dancing. A special part of the ball party is dedicated to the parents' waltz competition. However, it is clear that the main focus will be on school graduates. They say goodbye to the house of knowledge with a wonderful waltz. The main goal is to move towards the organization of students, parents and school staff and to introduce the younger generation to the famous works of classical music of world culture. Evening visitors are required to wear a dress code.

Career planning

This is a series of traditional meetings at our school. It is organized for the purpose of consulting high school students in choosing their future profession. The meeting will be attended by strong professionals and celebrities.

Student of the Year

Our school holds a variety of competitions and contests throughout the school year. One of such competitions is the competition "Student of the Year", which consists of four rounds. All students know the rules of the competition. After the first term, one candidate from each class will be nominated. At the end of the third quarter, the winners of the competition for the leader of the XXI century will take part in the finals. In the final round, in addition to the achievements of the child throughout the year, attention will be paid to the art of public speaking, hobbies, sports. The most demanding child, who received the title of Student of the Year, will receive a grant for the next academic year. If there are a large number of winners, they will receive a discount of 30% to 50% on tuition fees.