The first bell

To be able to convey to children that the Day of Knowledge is a great holiday, to increase the desire for knowledge, to bring up an educated, well-educated citizen of the country.


The school strives to combine high-quality education, national culture and a supportive environment for students to foster a competitive personality with a broad outlook, diverse skills and a global mindset


To create conditions for the cultivation of future Kazakh intellectual committed to lifelong learning and high moral standards, who is proud of his national culture and respects other cultures as well.




  • maintain a commitment to quality education by promoting academic integrity and striving for excellence
  • provide a safe, supportive and orderly environment in which students and staff are happy and confident in their aspirations
  • development of a multicultural education strategy focused on the formation of social competence and the spirit of international consciousness and mutual understanding
  • education of personal qualities for success: responsibility, creative activity, striving for new knowledge, critical thinking, the ability to transform and high motivation for achievement
  • striving for transparency not only in disclosure of information, but also in its completeness, reliability, clarity and usefulness about all processes and activities of the school

Academic integrity is not just a school policy. Striving for high goals is equally important when the quality of education is high. We believe that integrity and success are inextricably linked. Openness determines the mutual trust of students, teachers and parents.

Justice - the team lives and works following the principles of justice; this means respecting each other's interests. Every day, from year to year, creating a moral image, we form free, critical-thinking, self-confident students

An individual approach to each student - the level of skill of our teachers ensures the development of the child from kindergarten to the determination of the professional orientation of a school graduate. As a result of a careful choice of methods for each child, young citizens with developed social mobility are formed.

Kindness - for the free development of children's creativity, for their psychological comfort, we create an atmosphere of mutual help, tolerance, and friendly communication.

Responsibility-it is significant for us to develop personal and collective responsibility. A person's competitiveness determines the ability to make responsible decisions, work productively and effectively in a team.

Global citizenship - for us, the formation of global thinking in schoolchildren is relevant, as a system that focuses on the education of a new holistic vision of the world and a person's place in it

Striving for excellence- we believe that success is possible with a constant desire to learn, grow and strive for excellence in everything we do. Self-reflection and a sincere desire to constantly improve is an integral part of every level of the organization.